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2016 Champions for Recovery

2016 Town Champions (L to R) William W. Galvin III, Susan Marks, Judy Bentley, Ross Burkhardt, David Levinson, Ph.D. Alex and Christine Mankowski Alice Raim and Dan Wartenberg Andrea Kostanecki, Wendy Champeix, Deirdre Ryan Carolyn and Rodney Thomas Christina and George Childs Dave and Judy Bentley, Gregg Strom David Genovese and Camilla Herrera David Levinson, Ph.D. and Ken DellaRocco Denise Vestuti presenting Susan Marks with her gift. Dennis Diana and Peter Samponaro Dr. Ralph Aquila and Dr. Rocco Francis Marotto Dr. Ralph Aquila and Mrs. Rossella Aquila Ennala and Chitra Ramcharandas Frank Cogliano and Megan Pavia Gene Autore Anne Thaxter & Ken DellaRocco Gene Autore Michael Autore Linda Autore Lauren McCann Jeffrey Autore Giving Tree Nautical Style Gregg Pauletti and William Galvin Town Champion Gregg Pauletti, Kelly and Charles Linhoss IMG_1700 Jay Boll and David Levinson Town Champion John and Patty Wooten John Wooten and Ross Burkhardt Judy Bentley Town Champion Linda Autore and Sigurd H. Ackerman, M.D. 2016 Champion for Recovery Lisa Ruggiero, Lyn Traverse, Heather Porter, Heidi Leatherman, Lisa Benton Mary Ellen Mary Kate SanFilippo, Dom and Dawn Bria Rich Juliana, Colin Samuelson Ross Burkhardt Town Champion Sigurd H. Ackerman, M.D. and Cece McCarton, M.D. Stamford Yacht Club 4.2016 Stella and Willard Miley and Sue Rigano Sue Ann Williamson Susan (Darien Town Champion) and Kevin Marks Susan Marks Table and Room Set up Tim and Kelly Galvin, Ellen and William Galvin Tina and Jay Boll William W. Galvin III

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Laurel House and Resources to Recover help individuals and families achieve and sustain mental health to lead fulfilling lives.


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