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_MJR6075 Warren Costikyan, Deirdre Ryan _MJR6074 Jack and Sharon Feighery and Guests _MJR6072 Chitra Ramcharandas and Guests _MJR6069 Charlotte Ferguson, Chitra Ramcharandas _MJR6067 Charlotte Ferguson, Chitra Ramcharandas _MJR6066 Denise Vestuti, Lisa Crawford and Friend _MJR6059 New Canaan Town Champion Paul Reinhardt, Marge Reinhardt and Guests _MJR6057 Janet  and Leo Karl _MJR6056 Marty and Suzan Rose _MJR6055 Leif Andersen, Neil Storer _MJR6054 Peter Appleby, Jane Condon _MJR6050 Michael Autore, Garrett Kirk _MJR6049 _MJR6048 _MJR6047 _MJR6045 _MJR6042 _MJR6040 _MJR6036 Gabe Hernandez, Andrea Weinzimer _MJR6034 Debra Petrucci, Alan Small _MJR6033 _MJR6029 _MJR6027 Rey Giallongo, Cindy Sandoval. Cheryl Palmer, Carol Sylvester _MJR6026 _MJR6024 Steven and Janice Segure _MJR6019 Maya Reddi, Charlotte Ferguson _MJR6010 Maya Reddi,  Charlotte Ferguson _MJR6006 Peter Appleby, Stephanie Raia, Monica Bourgie _MJR6004 Linda Greenberg, Jennifer Stranzl _MJR6003 _MJR5999 _MJR5992 _MJR5986 _MJR5984 _MJR5976 Silver Hill Hospital Guests _MJR5966 _MJR5964 Deb Ailis, Karen Neilinger _MJR5962 _MJR5961 _MJR5957 Jane Condon _MJR5949 Dr. Marcia Gerber _MJR5945 Stephanie Raia, Peter Appleby and Guests _MJR5939 First County Bank Guests _MJR5933 Julie and Leif Andersen's Guests _MJR5932 Lyn Traverse, Charlie Copeland _MJR5931 _MJR5929 Eileen Raleigh _MJR5926 Dennis OConnor, Tina Boll, Patti and Rich Juliana, Ginny and Michael Parker _MJR5924 TD Bank Guests _MJR5919 Susan Condon, Jane Condon, Sheilah Smith _MJR5915 Andrea and Dr. Andrew Gerber, Dr. Marcia Gerber _MJR5889 _MJR5880 Georgia Nagal-Groat, Dr. Michael Groat _MJR5878 Nancy Herling and Friends _MJR5876 Pamela Lewanda, Roger and Cathy Seasonwein, Ted Herman and Penni Markfield _MJR5874 Former Greenwich First Selectman Richard Bergstresser and Jean Bergstresser _MJR5871 Lolly Prince, Lexy Tanner _MJR5865 David Singer, Nancy Stillerman _MJR5864  Former Greenwich Board of Selectman Member Lolly Prince _MJR5862 _MJR5861 Adrianne Singer _MJR5854 _MJR5851 Greenwich Town Champion Adrianne Singer _MJR5847 Carol Sylvester, Cheryl Palmer, Marie Sylvester _MJR5840 Stamford Mayor David Martin _MJR5833 Cheryl Palmer _MJR5831 Jay Boll and Stamford Town Champion and Former Board Member Cheryl Palmer _MJR5818 _MJR5807 _MJR5795 Darien Town Champion Nancy Herling and Denise Vestuti _MJR5787 _MJR5786 Event Committee Member Karen Neilinger _MJR5783 Event Committee Member Lexy Tanner _MJR5782 Event Co-Chair Julie Andersen _MJR5768 Adrianne Singer, Carol Krinsky _MJR5763 _MJR5759 _MJR5756 First County Bank Guests _MJR5747 _MJR5741 Nicholas and Arlene Dubiago _MJR5734 Judge Orazio Bellantoni, David Singer, Carol Krinsky, Mary Bellantoni, Mark Bourgie _MJR5732 David Singer, Judge Bellantoni _MJR5731 _MJR5728 Andrea Weinzimer, Gabe Hernandez _MJR5711 Ann Rogers, Jay Boll _MJR5694 _MJR5690 Cindy Sandoval, Karen Kelly, Friend, Denise Doria _MJR5670 Volunteers at Registration 5921 Ken DellaRocco, Anne Thaxter 5920 Ken DellaRocco and Anne Thaxter 5918 Cathy Seasonwein, Sheilah Smith 5917 Susan and Jane Condon 5909 Linda Autore, Dr. Andrew Gerber 5900 Laurel House, Inc. President & CEO Linda Autore 5898 Andrea and Dr. Andrew Gerber 5897 Dr. Andrew Gerber 5896 Dr. Andrew Gerber 5895 Champion for Recovery Dr. Andrew Gerber 5867 Singer Family 5855 Michael Marsico and Greenwich Town Champion Adrianne Singer 5854 Linda and Gene Autore, Pat Swasey 5853 Dick and Jean Bergstresser 5849 Adrianne Singer 5844  Cheryl Palmer, Stamford Mayor David Martin and Rey Giallongo 5843 Stamford Town Champions Cheryl Palmer, Rey Giallongo and John Wooten 5833 Cheryl Palmer and Cindy Sandoval 5832 Cheryl Palmer and Cindy Sandoval 5825 Rey Giallongo 5821 Cheryl Palmer 5820 Stamford Town Champions Cheryl Palmer and Rey Giallongo 5818 Mary Ellen OConnor, Denise Vestuti 5817  Dennis OConnor, Marge Reinhardt and New Canaan Town Champion Paul Reinhardt 5803 Paul Reinhardt 5802 Paul Reinhardt 5801 Paul and Marge Reinhardt 5796 Darien Town Champion Nancy Herling, Denise Vestuti 5779 Stephanie Raia and Peter Appleby 5775 Christine Biddle and Linda Autore 5755 Emcee Jane Condon 5749 Event Co-Chairs Julie Andersen, Sheilah Smith 5746 David Fleming, Jessamy Little, Mark OConnor 5738 Suzanne and Neil Storer 5723 Laurel House, Inc. Board of Directors 5720 Richard and Jenning Kohnberger 5718 Craig Mikhitarian, Mike Marsico, Eileen McAndrews, Kara OConnor, Bud Mikhitarian 5715 Julie and Leif Andersen, Tina Boll, Mark Broach, Kate Kiguradze 5712 Julie and Leif Andersen 5704 John Wooten, Garrett Kirk 5701 Anne and Joe Larcheveque, Kim ORielly 5696 Eileen Raleigh, Nancy Herling 5692 Frank Taylor, Wayne Cafren 5689 Mary Ellen and Dennis OConnor 5683 Nick Cataldo and Terry Lamantia-Cataldo 5681 Laure Aubuchon, Anne ORourke, David and Julie Genovese 5678 Leo Karl, Dave Hunt 5672 Autore Family

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