Position Title : Thinking Well/Skill Building Counselor
Department Unit : Social Rehabilitation  
Reports to : Social Rehabilitation Clinical Manager 

Essential Functions:

The Thinking Well/Skill Building Counselor facilitates computer-based and social rehabilitation workshops and discussion groups for participants enrolled in Laurel House, Inc.’s programs. The Counselor will be trained and become certified in the NEAR model of cognitive remediation (Neuropsychological and Educational Approach to Cognitive Remediation).  Ensures goals/ progress meetings and notes are documented and that the participant is advancing toward his/her specific overall recovery goal (e.g., to succeed in school, get a job, live independently).  Works with other Laurel House program staff to facilitate transition into other programs as needed. Promotes the program to community providers to cultivate interest and referrals. This position reports to the Social Rehabilitation Clinical Manager.


Laurel House, Inc. provides evidence-based programs to achieve and sustain mental health.  Thinking Well is a therapeutic program that improves the underlying cognitive skills that lead to better functioning and success in the workplace, school, the community and at home.  It focuses on the direct improvement of:  attention; working memory; verbal learning; visual learning; reasoning and problem solving; and processing speed.  It is part of the family of services and programs, called Resources to Recover, that are provided to individuals and families to improve mental health for a better life.  The Counselor facilitates computer-based workshops and related discussion groups as well as other social engagement and skill building workshops.  The success of the program participants is measured in:  positive functional outcomes; increased confidence and engagement of the participants; and their progress toward their overall recovery goals.

  • Learn and become certified in NEAR model of cognitive remediation. (Training and certification is provided by Laurel House.)
  • Facilitate computer-based workshops and related discussion groups (called bridging groups); lead other Laurel House skill building workshops as needed.
  • Create Thinking Well participant training plan for assigned program participants, following participant intake and admission to the program.
  • Collect, track, summarize and report participant data and outcomes in SalesForce database.
  • Ensure that administrative practices for each participant such as account setup, email/password assignments are executed.
  • Promote the program in the community with Thinking Well Program Coordinator and other Laurel House staff to cultivate interest and pipeline for referrals to Thinking Well and Social Rehabilitation programs.
Knowledge and Skills Required
Minimum Requirements

To apply for this position please send your cover letter and resume to coverlettersandresumes@laurelhouse.net

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Laurel House provides resources and opportunities for people living with mental illness to lead fulfilling and productive lives in their communities throughout Fairfield County. 

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