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Supported Education

Since 1989, the Supported Education program at Laurel House has been committed to assisting individuals with mental health conditions to work towards their academic goals. We work closely with students to: choose a post-secondary program (in college, a Vocational Certification, or GED program); complete financial aid applications; and provide ongoing assistance.

In FY19 Supported Education served 96 program participants; 67% enrolled in post-secondary education; 61% in Associates; 20% in Bachelors and achieved the highest fidelity award rating – Exemplary – from the State of Connecticut for the 8th consecutive year. The program also received a perfect score in the Fidelity audit: 205 out of 205.

Supported Education allows Laurel House counselors to work with high school students as early as possible, to lessen the most debilitating effects of mental illness, ensure a successful transition into post-secondary education or vocational certification and provide ongoing support as needed to sustain stability and improvement. Laurel House’s work with children is urgent since, according to the U.S. Department of Education, over 50% of students with a mental health disorder age 14 and older drop out of high school, the highest dropout rate of any disability group.

Services provided by the Supported Education Programs are available to students 16 and older with a mental health condition, from Greenwich to Bridgeport and include:

  • Goal planning and career exploration
  • Academic skills training
  • Informational tours on campus
  • Guidance when working with college faculty
  • Information on accessing on-campus supports
  • Help securing disability accommodations
  • Assistance with the college application and transfer process
  • Help registering for classes
  • Assistance applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • Skills training groups

Supported Education Counselors work closely with faculty, counselors and admissions staff and disability coordinators at over 20 area colleges, as well as at Vocational Certification programs.

Tele-Education Support (TEdS)

Clients who participate in the Supported Education program also have seamless access to other effective, evidence-based programs, which include TEdS (Tele-Education Support) through Skype, FaceTime, text and phone; Thinking Well (Cognitive Remediation, a therapeutic program); and Supported Employment. TEdS gives Laurel House the opportunity to expand its reach into high schools and help successfully transition juniors and seniors to post-secondary education or vocational certification, plus “follow the student” to an away campus to ensure the student uses accessible onsite campus disability accommodations as needed.

William R. Battey Educational Scholarship Fund

The William R. Battery Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 to support continuing post-secondary education.  Named in honor of a founding Laurel House Board Director, the goal of the William R. Battey Scholarship Fund is to help pay toward the tuition and related educational costs of Supported Education program participants who pursue post-secondary educational goals. Recommendations for tuition assistance are made by the Supported Education Counselors on behalf of the students participating in the Laurel House Supported Education program and enrolled in colleges or Vocational Certification. 




Tele-Education Success Story

"I have been working with Laurel house for the last two years. Through the staff’s endless support, from academic advising to counseling, I have been able to make a successful transition from Norwalk Community College to Columbia University. I have been fortunate enough to have Laurel House’s support as I pursue my Bachelor’s Degree.”

Tele-Education Services (TEdS) Client Success StoryIn October 2016, KA, a 22-year old young-adult male, was referred to Laurel House’s Supported Education program by his therapist. KA, who identifies as LGBTQ, came to the United States from Jamaica seeking asylum for personal safety. After working with one of Laurel House’s Supported Education counselors, KA graduated from Norwalk Community College in the spring of 2018 with high grades. His counselor helped KA gain acceptance to Columbia University in New York City this past fall.

After KA was accepted to Columbia University, he had to apply for financial aid. KA worked with his TEdS Counselor to help him tell his story, including both the struggles and successes, to the financial aid officers at Columbia. KA was then able to obtain a full financial aid scholarship – contingent on merit and grades. KA has kept an A- average at Columbia.

KA is currently living on-campus at Columbia sponsored housing in New York City. KA’s Counselor works with KA weekly, through Skype check-ins, helping him identify and connect with LGBTQ social supports, clubs and other activities in the city. Since KA has been able to utilize all of the skills he has gained from enrolling in TEdS, his Counselor is now working on a transition plan for him for the Spring Semester. He also works on-campus with students who are new to the country to help them acclimate, find employment and engage in the New York City community.

Our Mission

Laurel House and Resources to Recover help individuals and families achieve and sustain mental health to lead fulfilling lives.


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