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Volunteer Program

Without volunteer support, Laurel House could not achieve its mission of recovery. It takes time, money and commitment to provide people with a place to work, learn and engage with others. By being a volunteer, you are helping to make a difference in someone’s life.  For many, Laurel House is their only family. Recovery requires a network of support.

You can help support mental health recovery by volunteering at Laurel House.

Help is needed in Food Service and preparation, Supported Education tutoring, and specialized skill building workshops such as the Artists’, Writers’, and Cooking Workshops.

For a list of Volunteer Job Descriptions download our volunteer brochure.

volunteer opportunities brochure

For information about current volunteer needs, please email with the subject line "Volunteer Opportunities".

Volunteer Spotlight

Barbara Josselsohn has always had a passion for writing. She is a novelist, a writer, a teacher at Sarah Lawrence  College and Laurel House's new Writers' Workshop leader. Barbara said she loves being able to bring the joy of writing to Laurel House’s program participants.

Barbara said, "I have found how much writing can bring to a person's life. It's healing, empowering, and lets you explore deep feelings. I've also found that being part of a Writers’ Workshop, being part of a community, is a special kind of relationship. Writers talk about what they have written. They share their writing with others in the group and it fosters closeness."

barbara and writers workshopBarbara first started volunteering at Laurel House in September and says that she looks forward to leading the Writers' Workshop every Wednesday afternoon. Barbara said every time she walks into Laurel House’s Resource Center she always gets a warm and inviting vibe.

Barbara stated, "I've been so warmed with the way that the people that come to the workshop are so supportive of one another. They are interested in what the others are writing, involved in one another's stories; that caring for one another just makes you feel good. It's definitely something that is very special about Laurel House."

Barbara learned about Laurel House's Writers’ Workshop from her friend, Diane Cohen Schneider, who has been a long time Laurel House volunteer in the food service program. Barbara said that she was inspired by the amount of joy Diane got out of her volunteer experience at Laurel House.

Barbara added, "I really am grateful to be a part of the Laurel House community. It's one of the best things that's  happened to me last year. The warmth of the place, the support and the commitment Laurel House has to offer, the kind of workshops and programs, it's really a pleasure to be here."

Kathy Cahill, 2019 Power of One Award Winner

Stamford – On Thursday, July 11th, Laurel House, Inc. will recognize Kathy Cahill, a longtime Stamford resident, as its 2019 Power of One Award winner. Each year Laurel House publicly honors one volunteer for his or her outstanding dedication to improving the lives of Laurel House program participants.

Kathy has been volunteering at Laurel House’s Treasure Hunters Thrift Store for the past 5 years helping organize the clothes, furniture and any other items that were donated to the thrift store. Kathy said that volunteering at Treasure Hunters has been a good fit from day one. “As my kids got older, I wanted to do something in the community and volunteering at Treasure Hunters was perfect for me. I actually figured out that I enjoy organizing, “said Kathy.

Geno Lupinacci, Treasure Hunters Thrift Store Manager, said that Kathy has been a wonderful worker and team member. Kathy always has a smile on her face. She is willing to do what it takes to get any job done,” said Geno.

Kathy said that her favorite part of volunteering at Treasure Hunters is working with the other volunteers and employees at the thrift store. “When you come into Treasure Hunters everyone is so nice; it’s a warm, inviting environment. I was impressed how much the other volunteers here really care about the program participants at Laurel House. Like me, I think all the volunteers at Treasure Hunters give their time volunteering, not because they have to but because they want to, because they really care.”

Past Power of One recipients are: Eppie (Esperanza) Eilets, Diane Cohen Schneider, Nancy Fahey, Betsy Varian, Chitra Ramcharandas, Cindi Richardson and Laura Ryan.

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Laurel House and Resources to Recover help individuals and families achieve and sustain mental health to lead fulfilling lives.


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