Citi’s Global Community Day Benefits Laurel House

The Laurel House Treasure Hunters Thrift Store was chosen as the focus for Citi’s Global Community Day in Stamford on Saturday, June 22nd. Citi employees actively gathered donations throughout the month. On Saturday morning, a Citi team worked in the store to sort, clear and make room for these new treasures, while other employees dropped off items during the day. “Citi is excited to be here today to help support Laurel House’s thrift store,” said Joseph Curran, Commercial Banking Managing Director and Marketplace President. “Not only does Global Community Day bring thousands of Citi employees, friends and families together but also, we’re united for a common cause—to give back to communities all around the world by lending our time, skills and expertise.”

The store is one example of Resources to Recover: providing support to individuals with mental illness and their families in our community. The Laurel House Resource Center is located at 1616 Washington Blvd. “Our emphasis is on recovery. We believe people can and do recover from the worst effects of serious mental illness,” said Laurel House President and CEO Linda Autore.