Laurel House, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides mental health services and programs in Darien, CT and the surrounding areas in lower Fairfield County. Laurel House helps individuals and their families achieve and sustain mental health recovery.

Our services for Darien, CT residents are offered through one-on-one meetings in the community or at our Resource Center in Stamford, CT.  Programs and services include recovery planning, life skills coaching and skill building, supported education, supported employment, Thinking Well (cognitive remediation), housing and residential services, food service and wellness, social opportunities, and active outreach to individuals who might otherwise be isolated. By utilizing our mental health resources and recovery services to support individuals and families in Darien, CT, the Laurel House team is able to help clients reintegrate into the community with independence and a positive self-image.

Mental Health Resources to Recover

  • Early Intervention and Remediation – helping Darien, CT families connect with the right mental health services to prevent the harmful secondary effects of mental illness.
  • Social Inclusion – reintegration and full client participation in their local communities.
  • Recovery – clients gain independence and achieve their life goals through adjustment and adaptation to mental illness.

Laurel House regularly participates in the Human Services Planning Council of the Community Fund of Darien, CT which meets monthly and is also an active member of Darien’s Thriving Youth Task Force. We also have standing supported education office hours at Norwalk Community College, providing an additional convenient location from which to serve Darien residents.

Directions to Laurel House from Darien, CT