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Supported Employment & Education

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Supported Education 2020


Participants Enrolled in Post-Secondary Education

  • Associates (38%); Bachelors (36%); Vocational Certification (18%) and GED (8%) programs.
  • Despite COVID-19 challenges, the fall semester had highest participant Honors/Deans List achievement.
  • Laurel House is 1 of only 5 Supported Education evidence-based program providers in CT.
  • Tele-Education Services (TEdS), follow students until transition is made to on-campus disability services.

Supported Employment 2020


Participants Sought Competitive Employment
(jobs not set aside for those with disabilities)

Plus an additional 60 participants were served by the Mobile Employment Service program onsite at Recovery Houses for individuals recovering from opioid addiction.

  • 60% competitively employed through evidence-based Individual Placement and Support model.
  • Motivational Interviewing is used to find positions matched to participants’ strengths and talents.
  • Counselors develop job network and strong relationships with local businesses to create opportunities.
  • Participants develop interview skills, create a resume, cover letter, references, and get and keep a job.

“I draw from my lived experience doing the work that I do at Laurel House . . . you can be a taxpayer; you can make positive contributions to your community.”

– Community Peer Support Counselor

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