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Laurel House offers community needed “resources to recover”

Recently, a desperate mother reached out to Laurel House’s Denise Vestuti for help. Her 16-year-old son had been self-harming due to a difficult break-up with his girlfriend. The mother brought him to the emergency room of the local hospital, but he was turned away because he wasn’t suicidal. At a loss, she reached out to […]

Kaylin R. Staten: Fighting Mental Health Stigma Takes Everyone

The Herald Dispatch May 28, 2018  On the outside, you may not know someone is struggling with a mental health issue. Most of us mask our problems under comfortable facades. We’re quick to bottle our emotions, please others over ourselves and perpetuate the stigma. We don’t allow the world to see us for who we […]

Alma Rutgers: Funding Challenge for Mental Health Programs

Greenwich Time  By Alma Rutgers April 9, 2018  The NRA uses mental illness as an excuse for mass shootings. It’s mental illness, not guns — especially not semi-automatic weapons such as the AR-15 rifle — that’s responsible for these killings, they say. “So far it’s been a good strategy,” Greenwich Commissioner of Human Services Alan […]

Jay Boll op-ed: Protecting Teens from Risky Behavior

We all know that the teen years are marked by less than optimal decision-making. Maybe you heard about the California students who organized an NFL-style draft for the senior prom, with some boys paying top dollar for their first round pick of dates ranked according to their “hotness” quotient. Or the Canadian teen who threw […]

National Homeless Persons Memorial Day Interfaith Service

Monday, December 22 5:30 pmFirst Congregational ChurchProspect & Bedford Streets, Stamford Please bring your prayers, your light and your hope Sponsored by area agencies working with people who are homeless:Inspirica, Inc. | Laurel House, Inc. | Liberation ProgramsOptimus Healthcare | Shelter for the Homelessalong with the Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut